Vinyl Flooring [Loose lay,Click lock]

Authentic Timber Appearance and Feel
Anti-bacterial Technology
- Quick and Easy to Install
- Durable and Affordable


Scientific Technology from Korea delivers the first non-skid dotted backing layer vinyl flooring
to the Australian market. Decoria Loose Lay replaces the need for adhesives, making it
one of only a few floorings available on the market that can be removed and relayed.

Decoria Loose Lay is so easy to install anyone can do it. No glue, no clicking planks together,
just lay the planks and your floor is ready to enjoy. The DIY feature of this product allows you
to install your own flooring and save on expensive installation costs.

The Decoria Loose Lay flooring is the easiest flooring on the market to keep clean.
Small spills are easily cleaned up and for more serious spills, simply pick up the affected
plank, clean and relay. It’s that easy!

We at Decoria understand the importance of your family’s health and that’s why our flooring
contains an anti-bacterial armour. Decoria Loose Lay is the only flooring in the world to offer this health benefit.

The family will enjoy walking on the luxurious Decoria Loose Lay, they will believe they are walking on authentic timber flooring.

Decoria Loose Lay comes with a 25 year manufacture’s guarantee and is available in a variety of colours and designs.


Our mission is to foster a healthy and sustainable future for our planet and progeny through the implementation of innovative technologies that reduce waste, minimize consumption of raw materials, promote cradle-to-cradle reuse, and by continuously emphasizing environmental improvement.

We support our mission through the relationships we make with vendors or post-consumer waste, raw materials suppliers, environmental consultants and our consumers.

By incorporating the greatest concentration of post-consumer recycled material found in LVT, obtaining ISO 14001:2004 certification, reducing water consumption, automating our production lines to more efficient machinery, collecting post-consumer recycled waste from multiple sources, including reclaimed vinyl flooring, and by demonstrating the cleanliness of our facilities through the creation of gardens and orchards, we demonstrate a commitment to reducing our environmental impact and diverting waste to promote a healthier future for everyone.

Luxury vinyl flooring that is green and clean.

Decoria's cost-conscious corporate culture made it one of the industry's early leaders in recycling. Today, more than 67% of Decoria products are composed of recycled material.

That level of post-consumer waste alone contributes to LEED® credits for Green Building Council designation. And, yes, our new factory is energy efficient, uses smart water management, and reduces our carbon footprint and emissions if you care about the planet.

We reclaim flooring in a cradle-to-cradle effort to turn used flooring into new flooring material,
and we are capable of recycling 100% of our products.

Decoria Looselay

Tile Size (mm) EN 427 177.8 x 1219.2  470 x 470
Total Thickness (mm)  EN 649 5.0 mm
Wear Layer Thickness (mm) EN 428 0.5 (±0.05)
Peeling Strength of Layer EN 431 Pass
Weight (±50 gr/m2) EN 430 8.3kg/m2
Packing EN 427 10 Planks/Box
Impact sound reduction ISO 10140 Δ Lw = 9dB
Dimension stability EN 434 Pass
Color fastness to light ISO 105 B02 ≥ Grade6
Static indentation EN 433  ≤ 0.1mm
Flexibility EN 435 Pass 
Abrasion resistance  EN 660-2  Class T 
Castor chair resistance EN 425 Pass
Slip resistance EN 13893 > 0.3
DIN 51130 (Australia) R10 [HIGH*]
Fire rating EN13501-1 Bfl - S1
ASTM E 84 Class 1
Usage category EN 685 23/42
Resistance to chemical EN 423 Pass
Electrostatic properties EN 1815 < 2kv
Surface treatment   PUR
Embossing Regular/Deep  


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