Bamboo-[Strand Woven Bamboo,Natural Bamboo,Coffee Bamboo]


Bamboo flooring is a unique and stunning flooring system which accents the the distinctive pattern and natural beauty of bamboo. Bamboo flooring is an environmental alternative to traditional hardwood flooring, it is a fast growing, plantation grown material and the production process is extremely eco friendly, providing a renewable and sustainable resource.

Bamboo Flooring Features and Benefits

*SE Timber only use the highest quality bamboo flooring with absolute precision providing an easy installation with snug joins and no gaps

*UV cured and pre finished with 7 coats using aluminium oxide providing a perfectly smooth, dust free, sealed floor that is exceptionally
 tough and durable

*No sanding, no fumes, no wait

*Various lengths and widths available

*Full range of accessories to compliment the finish such as stair nosing and edge moulding

They are popular for their versatility, strength and sustainability. Bamboo is available in 4 different colours,
Natural,Coffee, Jacobean(Dark Chocolate) and Mahogany. The floor uses the Unilin click system, meaning it can be installed and walked upon straight away. Bamboo flooring is one of the hardest natural materials available for flooring and is an excellent alternative to hard wood flooring. Bamboo has a higher fibre rating than any hard wood, which gives it exceptional hard wearing qualities.

This natural bamboo flooring solution is available in six different styles, which will compliment any interior design. From ultra contemporary chic through to a more traditional classic style, natural bamboo flooring will give you a truly unique look. Because bamboo is a rapid growing grass and not wood, it can be harvested every 3-5 years, unlike 15-25 years for most wood. This makes bamboo a very environmentally friendly product for flooring.

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