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Flooring Grade

Select Grade Timber Flooring    

Select Grade is a subtle feature grade of timber flooring which provides a limited variation in natural characteristics. It has been carefully graded, floorboard by floorboard to ensure that it meets strict quality standards. It has a sleek, uniform look that is well suited to modern, minimalist and traditional styles.

Standard Grade Timber Flooring

Standard Grade is distinguished by highlighting selective gum veins, spirals, burls, insect trails and other natural variations that give timber floors a unique character as individual as a signature. This grade is a visual chronicle of forest history including bush fires, floods, drought, insect travels and the natural variations that appear in the grain of Australian native hardwoods. Standard grade is carefully graded to include the most interesting variations and distinctive timber markings to enhance the look of a timber floor.

Natural Grade Timber Flooring

Natural grade wood flooring, is a “middle ground” flooring in terms of quality and appearance and will contain a scatter of knots throughout. The rest of the board will be relatively clear with some grain patterns and colour variation. This is a perfect look for people who would like some natural variation and interesting features in their wooden flooring without being overly rustic.

Floor Types

Solid Hardwood Timber Flooring

Solid hardwood timber is the most natural timber straight from the original tree wood. Mostly used in modern or antique houses, luxury hotels, commercial, and many more.
we work with cooperatively with Embelton,Britton, Australian Solar Timber,Gunns Timber,C&G Flooring,Boral Timber, Wonderful Foor,Parkside group,Hana Timber, Hurford Hardwood, Tass Timber

-60x19mm (Select/Standard/Feature Grade)

-80x19mm (Select/Standard/Feature Grade)
-130x19mm (Select/Standard/Feature Grade)
-180x21mm (Select/Prestige/RusticGrade)
-210x23mm (Select/Prestige/RusticGrade)
-270x32mm (Rustic Grade only)

Blackbutt,blue gum,Brush box,Tasmanian Oak, Golden Oak, Cherry mahogany, Grey iron bark, New England Blackbutt,Red Gum,Red Iron Bark,Spotted Gum,Tallowwood,Flooded Gum,Pearl Mahogany,Northern beech,Turpentine,White Mahogany, White Stringybark etc

Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered timber flooring is designed to be installed quickly and with minimum disruption to your home and family, making them increasingly popular. Floating flooring can be laid onto any hard level surface such as concrete, chipboard, tiles or existing timber flooring. The decorative timber surface is adhered to two or more backing layers for strength and dimensional stability. Up to 75% less face timber is used than in solid floors, resulting in a very environmentally friendly finish. Floating floors are ideal for areas where height is a restriction.
We work with BORAL,Oxford Import,Wonderful Floor and Embelton

-133mm 1strip Jarrah, Brushbox, Red Mahogany, BlackButt, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, Stringybark, Tasmanian Oak

-175mm 1strip Brushbox, Blackbutt, Blue Gum

Overlay Timber Flooring

Overlay flooring is designed to be laid directly over concrete, existing timber, plywood or particleboard flooring. As long as your old floor is clean, dry and flat, you can lay an overlay floor, so it's perfect for ground floor renovations over a concrete slab or second storey refurbishments where the carpet has been pulled up and the subfloor is still in place. It's recommended to leave the overlay flooring to acclimatise to its new environment for an appropriate time. Your new floor should then be professionally installed and only takes a short time to install, sand and finish.
We work with AST, BORAL

-80x12mm Blue Gum, Golden Oak, Rose Gum, Tallowwood

-85x13mm Australian Beech, Black Butt, Brush box, Flooded Gum/Rose Gum, Forest Reds, Iron Bark,
Jarrah, Messmate, New England Oak, Red Mahogany, Spotted Gum, StringyBark, Sydney Blue Gum, Tallowwood, Tasmanian Oak  

-80x14mm Blue Gum, Brushbox, Coastal Blackbutt, Copper Cherry, Golden Oak, Ironbark, Rose Gum, Tallowwood, Turpentine        

Lasting durability
* Source from AST (Australian Solar Timbers)         * Sourced from AST( Golden Oak)

Parquetry is laid in single blocks. It usually comes in blocks, sizes 260x65x18, 260x65x19,
Sometimes there are different sizes available.
As they are small block it allows them to be laid in a large number of designs.
We work with BORAL, AST

-260x65x18mm Australian Beech, Black Butt, Blue Gum, Brushbox, Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Tallowwood, Turpentine, New England Oak, Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak, Black Butt, Blue Gum, Spotted Gum

-260x65x19mm Blue Gum, Brushbox, Coastal Black Butt, Golden Oak, Ironbark, Pearl Beech

Vinyl Planks

Vinyl accurately represents real hardwood colors and textures for beauty in a vinyl product. Luxe Plank comes in authentic plank lengths and widths, featuring beveled edges and ends. It's waterproof and is easy to install on any level in your home. We work with Amstrong.

This is the great advantage for all customers to save your time.

1) You don't need to put an underlay.

2) No adhesive
3) it can be simply out over the most exisiting surfaces
which means you can save installation costs
4) Toungue and grove/lock-in system
5) 15 year residential warranty
6) water Hardness resistant
7) easy to cut out

Laminate Floors

Laminate floor makes to your home will happen in an instant.Much more than simply an economical alternative to timber flooring, Today's laminate allows the designer in you to be set free, with a range colours and designs not constricted by that which nature can produce. Along with the added beauty that a laminate floor brings to your home, Laminate flooring is not only durable it is also scuff, stain, scratch and burn resistant giving you the peace of mind that no other floor can provide. All the laminates in our Diamond Tuff range are of the highest quality, made from ecologically sound and renewable resources all at a value for money that you will find hard to beat.

we work cooperatively with Kronotex, Embelton, Formica Products

-1210x195x8, 3mm Bach, Red Teak, American Oak

-1200x197x8, 2mm Golden Oak, Teak, Walnut

-1212x140x12, 3mm Spotted Gum, Brush box, Jarrah, Blackbutt, Oak Smoky, Stringy Bark

Bamboo Floors

They are popular for their versatility, strength and sustainability.
Bamboo is available in 3 different colours, Natural,Coffee and Jacobean(Dark Chocolate). The floor uses the Unilin click system, meaning it can be installed and walked upon straight away. Bamboo flooring is one of the hardest natural materials available for flooring and is an excellent alternative to hard wood flooring. Bamboo has a higher fibre rating than any hard wood, which gives it exceptional hard wearing qualities. This natural bamboo flooring solution is available in six different styles, which will compliment any interior design. From ultra contemporary chic through to a more traditional classic style, natural bamboo flooring will give you a truly unique look. Because bamboo is a rapid growing grass and not wood, it can be harvested every 3-5 years, unlike 15-25 years for most wood. This makes bamboo a very environmentally friendly product for flooring.

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