Flooring Trends - Timber

Flooring Trends - Timber

Timber flooring will always be popular as it adds value to the home and suits any style of décor, from contemporary to traditional. While the timber flooring you get is a personal choice – you could opt for laminate or tongue and groove for example – there are some new trends that are working their way through

The Lighter the Better

The hottest colours in timber floors at the moment are the lighter coloured floors.
These are low maintenance and look great in any style of home. The cooler hues and wide range of colours available in the lighter floors means that any décor can be accommodated.


Other Flooring Trends

Another trend that is emerging in timber flooring is making a feature of the floor.
No longer are floors so minimalistic, with patterned flooring along with parquetry, inlaid borders, using two or more species in the one floor, and feature panels making up part of the new style.

Designers are paying attention to detailing and finishes, as it is the perfect way to contrast with “colder” elements in the home such as concrete and steel.

Exotic species of timber are becoming popular, especially those from Africa, Asia and South America. Hand-distressed flooring, using wood that has been scraped, gouged, beaten, dyed, over-stained or sanded using steel wool, is also another type of flooring that is gaining in popularity.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a relative newcomer to the world of timber flooring and it is becoming increasingly popular due to its style and environmental sustainability. Bamboo flooring is easy to install as it is a pre-finished system. It is also very hard wearing and creates a clean, modern finish.

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