Laminate Flooring [Jarrah, Natural Oak, Spotted Gum]

Master timber flooring with our range of timber flooring the transformation that a laminate floor makes to your home will happen in an instant.

Much more than simply an economical alternative to timber flooring Today's laminate allows the designer in you to be set free, with a range colours and designs not constricted by that which nature can produce.

Along with the added beauty that a laminate floor brings to your home, Laminate flooring is not only durable it is also scuff, stain, scratch and burn resistant giving you the peace of mind that no other floor can provide.

All the laminates in our Diamond Tuff range are of the highest quality, made from ecologically sound and renewable resources all at a value for money that you will find hard to beat.

Laminate flooring is quite possibly the best flooring solution today for a variety of reasons. To understand why, you first need to examine what goes into a laminate flooring plank. The above illustration separates the different layers for purposes of discussion. Of course, in reality, each of these layers is permanently fused together under tremendous heat and pressure so they would never separate. Let's take a look:

A. Wear Layer

The wear layer serves several functions. It seals and protects the surface of the plank and shields the decorative paper (B - underneath) from UV rays that could fade the color. The wear layer can be in different degrees of glossiness, depending on the desired style.

B. Decorative Paper

This gives the laminate plank its distinctive appearance. How well this component is executed makes all the difference in the floor's realistic reproduction of real wood and overall beauty of the floor when all the planks are completely assembled. The addition of texture on the surface provides an authentic feel to the plank, completing the experience.

C. HDF Core

we only use HDF (High Density Fiberboard) for its superior stability and strength. We mill the core to absolute, precise tolerances and cut exacting profiles on the edges of the plank to make them easily and consistently fit together for a snug, reliable installation.

D. Backer Paper

Every plank is sealed on the back so that the board is not unduly exposed to moisture that would affect the board's dimensional stability.

Available Size :

1380x193x7,8mm - Merbau, Wild Cherry, Contry Oak, Beech Nobelle,White Oak,ScotlandOak, Elegant Walnut

1380x193x12mm - Heritage Pekan, Carelia Maple, Natural Oak, Chestnut,Atlas Cherry, Sacromento Pine, Plum Astoria, Nut tree,
                            Bournon Oak, Stockholm Ash, Oriental Cane, Playground

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