Manual Flooring Calculations

Manual Flooring Calculations

Follow the examples below to work out your flooring area manually. 
 Add an additional 10% material waste to allow for off-cuts.

For a Rectangular Floor Area:

Measure your area to be paved to determine quantity of paver required.

This area is simply calculated by: 
Length (m) X Width (m) = Area (m²) for basic square or rectangular spaces.
( m = metres)

eg. 10m X 5m = 50m²

Calculate the Area of a Rectangular Floor

For an Odd Shaped Floor Area:

For odd shapes, break your area into rectangular sections.

eg.   A) 3m X 5m = 15m²
  B) 2m X 4m = 8m²
  C) 5m X 2m = 10m²
 Total  33m2

Calculate the Area of an Odd Shaped Floor

For a Triangular Floor Area:

For triangular areas, use the formula: 

1/2 X [ Base (m) X Height (m) ] = Area (m²)

eg. 1/2 (5m X 4m) = 10m²

Calculate the Area of a Triangular Floor

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