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Why Timber?

Add Value
The warmth and beauty of a natural timber floor instantly adds value to any home. The initial cost of installing a timber floor is more than recouped as it retains its value far beyond the normal use by date you would expect from say, a carpet. Add to this the fact that timber ages beautifully while retaining its colour and warmth for decades.

Easy to clean
A timber floor gets harder overtime and becomes more resilient to the occasional dangers of built-in dirt and grime. Perhaps the biggest advantage that timber flooring has over a soft covering is that dust mites are almost completely eradicated, making timber one of the cleanest surfaces available. Spillages can be simply wiped away cutting down your floor cleaning time enormously.

Anti-allergic properties
Asthma sufferers can breathe a real sigh of relief because timber flooring provides them with an allergy free environment. This is a great advantage particularly when you consider that one square metre of carpet can contain up to 100,000 dust mites. House dust is easily removed from a timber floor by simply vacuuming, and this prevents the spread of many allergy-causing mites.

If you are looking for a green alternative in flooring, then timber provides an ideal solution. Most environmentalists agree that using forests is a great way of encouraging future tree growth, that's why timber flooring can be seen as a great way to use the forests that can be replanted.


*Superior strength, durability, sound & feel (to any other timbers or like product)
*Our own unique innovative system of installation has the longest lifespan
*The value of Australian Hardwoods appreciates and as such will increase the value of your property
*Re-sanding is not an issue
*Timber Floors are stylish, modern and yet ageless
*Under foot feel is forgiving not hard on the feet, warm in winter and cool in summer
*Variety of species offer a choice in colour and grain
*Unique Individuality even within the same species
*The versatility of timber will enhance the decor of any room
*The environmental choice ? Australian Hardwood is one of the world's few truly renewable resources from sustainably managed forests
*The beauty of timber is timeless!

Source: timberfloors.com.au

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